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Conflict of Interest Resources

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This Section is intended to let you know what resources are available to you to assist you with moving forward with your case.

This section has been created to assist people who have had there cases marked as a likely conflict of interest.

What this means: This means that we have either: ever represented the party which you are applying against or have ever represented any party against you. This could be active representation, or any representation provided at any point in the past and this could be as simple as having given advice in as informal of a setting as a virtual clinic. We are NEVER allowed to disclose what the cause of the conflict is because of confidentiality.

How to move forward seeking representation: If you are seeking full representation in a divorce or custody case and you are a conflict with us you can seek full representation from Utah Legal Services. Utah Legal Services will normally not allow you to apply for full representation for a case in Salt Lake County unless you are a conflict of interest with us. You will need to download a copy of the Conflict of Interest Letter, which you can do so by clicking: HERE. That letter will have information for how to contact Utah Legal Services to apply with them.

If Utah Legal Services is not an option that you can use here is a list of other low-income resources available to people in Salt Lake County: HERE.

Bar Organization?

How to move forward with self-representation: If you would no longer like to seek full representation and would like to self represent, you are strongly encouraged to use the Online Court Assistance Program (OCAP). You can find OCAP by clicking: HERE.

In addition to that you are welcome to come into our family law clinic to use our computers. We DO NOT give legal advice in those clinics, but we are able to assist with locating forms and using OCAP in the computer labs which are available to the public. Our two clinics are:

West Jordan (Monday through Friday)
Open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 4:30 pm
8080 S Redwood Rd Rm 
West Jordan, UT 84088

Open only Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1:00pm to 4:30pm
450 S State St Rm W-17
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

If you would like to appeal the decision:

Disclosure: All of our staff who run conflict of interest checks have undergone hours of training on how to do so. It is very unlikely that there is a mistake, but if you think that there is an error which can be clarified with additional information (like similar name/information due father/son with the same name) or if extenuating circumstances exist (like if the other party is willing to waive their existing relationship with us) then please email us with the following instructions.

In order to appeal you will need to send an email to and In the subject line of the email please put "conflict of interest appeal" and your application number. Then in the body of the email let us know specifically why the conflict should not exist. Also please include your contact information in the email.

Please see this example:
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